Opencall Explora 2023 | International Virtual Art Exhibition online

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Make Art Gallery invites you to participate in the next international virtual collective exhibition titled "Explora 2023".
Explora will not follow a specific theme and will open a new window into the world of contemporary art. It will focus on various aspects related to technique, emotions, narration, color, and shapes, with an in-depth exploration that will lead to the completion of the group of artists on display.

The technique is free and so is the interpretation of the call for artists.

As with previous collective exhibitions, this one has been designed at an international level to promote emerging and professional artists, with a particular focus on the search for new expressive trends.

The exhibition will take place online in February 2023 (the official dates will be published after the selection process) at the MuVi Online, the independent Online Virtual Museum of Rome now part of the Make Art Gallery art group.

You can download the complete regulation PDF in our website

Deadline: February 18, 2023

The payment of the participation fee is only made in the case of passing the first free selection phase.

Annonceur / Autres annonces de Stefano Fiore

Nom, Prénom : Stefano Fiore
Code Postal : 00154
Ville : Rome/Italy

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